What to Know About Real Estate Investing for 2022

03/10/22  |  Kalena Masching

Whether you’re interested in rental homes for sale in Menlo Park or metaverse properties, putting your money in real estate could be the best investment you ever make.

One of the best ways to boost your investment portfolio is backing the real estate industry. In my opinion, real estate can be one of the most dynamic investment opportunities out there. From homes for sale in Menlo Park to Palo Alto properties, you can use your cash to acquire, improve, and earn even more capital. Going into 2022, the investment game has changed a bit, so let me give you some tips for the upcoming year.

Your best properties

One of the optimal ways to invest is in physical real estate, the kind you can renovate, use, rent, or resell. Single-family homes are some of the most lucrative properties to invest in on a smaller scale, but industrial real estate is hot, too. After all, companies want to keep warehouses of overstock ready. The market is currently too unpredictable for them not to be prepared. Despite the enormous challenges the country has faced over the past few years, many types of properties are still valuable, including luxury Menlo Park real estate and San Carlos homes in the suburbs. Whatever you plan on doing with your property, these types of homes and real estate all show potential.

Office space is offline; meta is on

The one kind of property exception to the rule regarding investing in physical real estate is office space. Office real estate is a poor investment right now because so many people are working from home, and corporate sites are in an unusual state of flux.

However, a unique and growing property type is called metaverse real estate. This type of property exists solely online. Since its inception, metaverse real estate has been rapidly, much like other virtual investments. However, because this type of investment is physically challenging to liquidate in the worst-case scenario, it can be a risky investment route. I wouldn’t recommend metaverse real estate for investors who prefer to play it safe.

The importance of rentals

Owning rental property is a sound investment as people always need a place to live. Single-family homes are extremely popular since they offer more privacy options than your typical apartment. However, multifamily apartment complexes are still a big buzz, particularly in the South. So, even when the market acts unusually, they’re both solid investments always in demand.

For example, when it comes to rentals in places like Menlo Park, California, they can run anywhere from $1,700 a month to $60,000! If you can acquire high-tier property like Menlo Park real estate, you can make a lucrative investment in rental property.

Real estate in numbers

Even though the real estate market has been booming and has become increasingly competitive over the past few years, it should let up some in 2022. Now, that doesn’t mean it won’t be growing. But instead of growing by 19.5% as in 2021, it’s predicted to be closer to 11% in 2022. This could potentially give investors a decent window to invest in properties like Menlo Park real estate before another price hike.

Location, location, location

While you might be interested in purchases and investments, you should still pay attention to location. For example, buying a luxury New York City apartment may seem like a great investment to rent, but with the crowded nature of New York City and so many people moving out of the biggest cities for cheaper housing, it might not be your best option. Instead, consider other places around the country that are hot spots now. Examples include Texas, Florida, Washington, North Carolina, and Colorado. Generally, these new hot spots tend to be in places like Spokane, Austin, and Tampa. While they are larger cities, they are the size and kind that still have a lot of growth potential, making them an excellent investment.

If your heart is set on the biggest, most booming areas, like Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco, the trick is finding areas within those cities that are up-and-coming. Take homes for sale in Menlo Park, for example. San Francisco and San Jose are bursting with over 874,000 and one million people, respectively. On the other hand, Menlo Park is a much smaller area with a cozy 34,000 residents. Purchasing Menlo Park real estate can mean being close enough to get that “big city” rental money without trying to buy into an oversaturated, overpriced market.

In REITs we trust

In addition to investing in specific properties, you could invest in a real estate portfolio called a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). REITs are expected to have a 2.9% return on investments, if not more.

REITs are also helpful because they can help stabilize your portfolio. Much like general stock portfolios, a REIT is a collection of secure investments that will likely have dividends, with the amount depending on the year. So, even if it won’t provide as large of an influx as, say one of those Bitcoin spikes, it will help keep your investment life stable.

Playing it safe

It might be enticing to buy properties this year, given the lingering low-interest rates of 2021, but they will undoubtedly rise steadily throughout the year. So, if you feel compelled to purchase homes for sale in Menlo Park, do it early, and then play it relatively safe for the rest of 2022. After all, it’s still a seller’s market, so anyone investing in anything should be careful.

You have to be realistic about the risks, though. Predictions for real estate portfolios have been all over the place, with some people saying it will be a bad year while others predict 2022 will be fantastic. So, it might be a good year to keep your portfolio stable and safe. I recommend you continue saving, thereby taking a wise investment step into 2022.

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