Overcome These Obstacles When Selling Your Home

08/7/22  |  Kalena Masching

Manage expectations and find an expert realtor to simplify the process.

Selling your home is a big decision and requires a lot of preparation. From finding a broker to writing a list of requirements, there are countless steps to take to get your home ready for the market. It can also be an exciting opportunity to have extra money to put toward your dream home and improve your lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time seller, you should keep a few things in mind to make the process easier and be competitive with other houses for sale in Redwood City.

As you prepare to sell your home, you’ve probably thought about the best outcomes, such as selling quickly at the highest price possible and a stress-free process. All these outcomes are possible if you can overcome these obstacles.

Choosing the right realtor

Home sellers who sell their homes through a certified real estate agent are more likely to receive multiple offers on their homes as opposed to sellers who don’t use a real estate agent. Choosing the right realtor is essential when selling your home. It is often time-consuming, and figuring out who the right realtor is is crucial to selling your house quickly and for the highest price possible.

Every realtor is different, and each has their own set of skills, knowledge, and experience. You’ll want a local realtor you can trust and a realtor who will work hard to get the best price but also provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the realtor you choose is an expert in the field and can guide you through the process. It’s essential to choose a realtor who takes the time to listen to your needs and wants and customizes a strategy that is right for you. There are many agents to choose from in the Greater Bay Area, but someone with expertise in your area, like a Redwood City realtor, can be more effective than a general agent.

The first thing to be aware of when searching for a real estate agent is that the agent must specialize in your area. This means the agent should be prepared to discuss your property and other properties in the area to adequately set the price, make improvements, and educate you on the market and expectations.

Be sure to find a realtor with:
  • Professional training and certification
  • Deep understanding of the city and neighborhoods
  • Extensive knowledge about the services that a realtor can provide
  • Proven skills and experience
  • Tools and resources to streamline the process

Local market conditions

Market conditions have a significant impact on homes for sale in Redwood City. They impact how quickly or how long a home sits on the market, if it's a buyer or seller market, and how much over or under the asking price a home can sell. Market conditions and buyer motivations impact the price of a home in a number of different ways. For example, when the most desirable homes are in high-demand areas, the competition to buy those homes can drive up prices and result in a bidding war. At the same time, homes in high-demand areas are sometimes hard to find, resulting in a bidding war of its own. Even the time of year can impact selling conditions. An experienced realtor can work closely with you to discuss strategies for selling that use local market conditions as an advantage rather than going against the conditions and losing money or risk sitting on the market.

Priced to sell

When you’re trying to sell your house, one of the first things people ask about is the price. You may think your home is worth $500,000, but if the market is only willing to pay $450,000 for the same size house, your home won’t sell. Pricing can be an emotional obstacle because homeowners often have fond memories of the house and feel it is worth more than its market value. Pricing correctly isn’t always straightforward. You need to price your home at the right level so that it’s attractive to buyers, but you also need to price it at the right level to generate the maximum profit. A realtor is responsible for researching your area and neighborhood to determine comparables in the area and set an appropriate price to attract buyers and achieve the best possible profit.

Much of selling a home is strategic, and being highly educated about the process can make your strategy more effective. Pricing can start a bidding war or leave your home on the market for weeks or months. While it can be an obstacle for some, with the right realtor, pricing can be a tactical advantage to profit and move on to your dream home.

A+ inspections

No one likes to fail, especially when selling your home is at stake. Passing home inspections can be a frustrating obstacle because it is often subjective to the buyer. What one buyer deems acceptable in a home, another buyer may not. Sellers can avoid potential home inspection delays by conducting a pre-listing inspection. This allows the seller to address any major issues and be prepared for any pushback from potential buyers. However, a home inspection is not limited to identifying potential fixes. It also assesses the condition of the structure, something that translates into a complete understanding of its condition and potential problems that can also help set expectations and an appropriate listing price on homes for sale in Redwood City.

Preparing the home to sell

Getting your home ready to sell can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. You'll need to clean and organize, repair any damage, and remove any personal items or furniture that won't be included in the sale. You'll also need to advertise and prepare your home for showings. The process can seem daunting, but it is an integral part of selling your home. A pre-inspection can help sellers determine key updates or improvements before making important decisions. Try to prepare a list of manageable updates and changes like fixing faulty stairs, decluttering bedrooms, and fresh paint, versus unreasonable or unnecessary changes like a complete kitchen remodel. Your realtor can help make suggestions for simple fixes and improvements based on their experience and knowledge of competing houses for sale in Redwood City.

Another obstacle is not only preparing the home but keeping it show-ready. Sellers should consider removing unused or bulky items and utilizing a storage unit until a sale is complete. It can also help to clean a portion of the home each day to keep up with clutter and keep it clean for last-minute showings. The bottom line is that preparing and maintaining a house can be a lot of upfront work, but it will be rewarded with a top-dollar sale.

Home buyers

Unfortunately, home buyers can be a substantial obstacle to overcome when selling your home. There is always a buyer who wants to cause problems at each step or deliver lowball offers even when the home is fairly priced. This can be frustrating to navigate without the help of a real estate agent. Skilled realtors help sellers deal with buyers and represent your home and interests in the process. It is reassuring to have an agent on your side that has experience handling unrealistic buyers and ensuring that you receive a fair sale with any buyer. A top realtor in your region can ensure that you are educated, prepared, and represented throughout the process, so you don’t have to stress about difficult buyers.

Managing expectations and emotions

Talking about managing expectations and emotions when selling a home is important. It is crucial to express realistic expectations about the process to help you and your home-selling agent work together to help you sell your home faster while keeping your home at the top of your buyers’ list. It can be a roller coaster experience with many positive and negative aspects. If sellers have a clear picture of the process and potential pitfalls, it can make the selling process more manageable and less stressful.

While there are many strategic plans and choices a seller can make to improve their selling experience, there are also many obstacles out of the seller's hands. For instance, a seller can have a wonderful experience and receive several offers over the asking price, but when it comes time to close, the buyer’s mortgage was disapproved, and they can no longer purchase the home. Maybe there will be other buyers waiting, or perhaps they have moved on to other homes. This is not in the seller’s control, but having an agent that can walk you through the process and discuss potential roadblocks can make handling emotions easier.

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